1. Sustained growth consulting

Creation of overall optimization

Tie the search for partial optimization to overall optimization

When each department and individual strive for partial optimization, profit creation at a concerned department always becomes damaged. This type of situation is often encountered in management of any company. The advisory approach of YCG is to build a system in which the pursuit for partial optimization by all departments and individuals ultimately link directly to the whole company (overall optimization) and we believe that partial optimization and overall optimization can co-exist.

Consistency between ideas and structure to create overall optimization

In working toward the management goals of a corporation, we implement various mechanisms such as project management tools, financial controls system, and human resource system to implement solutions to discovered problems and issues, in addition to mechanisms to discover problems and organize issues, by benchmark data collection, market trend survey, and BI (visualization and data mining) tools. However, these mechanisms are often not necessarily functioning in line with the original thinking under which these mechanisms were designed. Or, we have seen cases in which a client wishes to implement these mechanisms but they have trouble determining what would be the best method of implementation.

In order to create overall optimization and achieve the management goals, consistency is needed before the thinking is implemented, which forms the basis of these mechanisms and structures. And what holds the key is whether these thinkings have penetrated all corners of the business.

Steps to realize sustained growth

Realize sustained growth and implement mechanisms to create overall optimization

YCG supports drafting, devising, and implementing specific growth strategies and individual improvement plans (tactical plans) by considering the individual situation of each company and realizing the uncovered potential, and advisory services are provided on how to construct these mechanisms and infiltrate these ideas to prevent these improvement activities from being temporary actions and make these activities autonomous and continuous at the company.

Sustained growth advisory services

Obstacles that prevent improvement activities on site

What becomes an obstacle when the site performs improvement activities autonomously is lack of quantitative and qualitative information to measure the improvement effects that may come from improvements to this problem after this problem is extracted and analyzed. That said, if survey work is done such as blind work sampling and merging data in the core business systems with the accounting books without collection, organization, and analysis of data and without an appropriate design of activity flow, not only will management cost rise due to considerable time and labor, this information, that is, the survey results will often never be used and put away.

Real-time and site-led issue resolution system

We support implementation of an effective system that supports the resolution of issues swiftly, and removes obstructive factors to a smooth improvement activity at the site.

Segment management system

Segment management system is not just an accounting system. Rather, it is a business accounting system that clarifies profitability by segment. This accounting system will improve profitability and KPI which are set by segment. Furthermore, through improvements, this system will revitalize the organization and help employees to grow as members of the corporation.

Concurrent management system

Overall goals are realized concurrently under a system of cooperation involving all organizations and with each organization clearly maintaining its goals and role. A segment management system is used to pursue overall optimization by using the concurrent management system and improving the capacity to pursue partial optimization by segment.

Support to resolve individual issues

We support the drafting and implementation of solutions for each issue by a collaboration of client experience, human resource, and uncovered potential, with know-how and expertise of YCG’s specialist advisors.

YCG provides support to resolve individual issues and this support is provided by our alliance with professionals of all fields to engage at the various problems that corporations carry. In addition to corporations with sluggish performance, we detect uncovered problems of growing corporations, and our ultimate objective is for our clients to run a sound and uninterrupted business. To do so, a professional’s eye is needed for insight into the company and industry, and previous experience is not enough.
Furthermore, when drafting a solution, we focus on the effect of implementing this solution, that is, on the solution’s viability. We do not only provide planning services and leave the implementation to the client. Rather, we perform project management, and our team works at the client site, and builds a system by which strategies and measures can be implemented.