2. Business revitalization consulting

Rebuilding toward revitalization

Request to work with the changes in environment and vicious cycles that generate excessive debts

Starting with the burst of the economic bubble, changes in the business environment, including intensifying competition as a result of maturing markets, in addition to rise in materials and resource cost, advancements in ICT technology, and rapid globalization, have produced many corporations with unprofitable business and assets (eg real estate and machinery and facilities) with low use efficiency. There is an increase in the number of cases (so-called excessive debt problem) in which the debt is enormous with respect to cashflow that the corporation generates from business, due to procurement of assets and covering deficits from these non-profitable businesses.

Restructuring of business, operations, and finance

Corporations receive strong requests from stakeholders with regard to solution for excessive debt problems and streamlining management. What is important here is to prepare a radical business plan with high feasibility, which takes into consideration not only the perspectives of the corporation but also of their stakeholders, particularly the perspectives of banks, and perform appropriate interest adjustment based on this plan. And this business plan often covers restructuring, including business withdrawal and cost reduction, and balance sheet adjustment by assets disposal.

Revitalization to independence

Defensive and offensive management in business revitalization

When symptoms such as continued decreases in revenue and deficit tendency are seen in a corporation, we call these a problem of drop in competitive superiority. In order to place such company with decreasing competitive advantage back on the growth course, there is a need to analyze thoroughly the change in the market, competition, business structure, organizational structure, and time, which represents changes in these 4 and speed. We take insight on the market activities and competition environment of the client corporation, and go on site to perform reform on business structure and organizational structure in addition to human resource of the client corporation.
Defensive management, such as cost reduction, will eventually hit a wall. For business revitalization, not only is defensive management needed but offensive management is also needed, such as reform.

Alliance with consultants and partners with various expertise

YCG’s business revitalization consulting is comprehensive support from building a scheme to reorganize the client to implementing various measures, through many partners with solutions for business revitalization, site and management experts from all industries, people trained at consulting firms, and experts of regulations on tax, law, and accounting, working together with consultant with many projects in the past on revitalization support.

Mind innovation approach

Mind innovation is difficult to do from inside. We improve viability of plans and improvement measures by a multifaceted approach, which includes dispatching a facilitator, proposing conference bodies and reporting system to support the drafting and implementation of improvement measures, cite problems, and develop sense of crisis based on facts.

Advisory services approach

Advisory services workflow

We take a series of steps with the client from drafting an improvement plan for revitalization to building consensus inside and outside of the company. This step is not a fixed pattern that is common to all corporations. This step is designed flexibly according to the characteristics of the problems that are discovered by initial analysis of the situation and funding situation. We customize for our client a process that will be most effective.

Autonomous improvement measures implementation system construction support

YCG provides support on determining what is needed to continue sustained growth at even after revitalization of client corporation and provides support on this mechanism until it mainstreams. Business revitalization consulting strives to become a trigger for the client to growth to another level and not just extend the life of the corporation.