5. Business overseas consulting

We support business development in Eastern and Southeastern Asia with a focus on Singapore and Shanghai

21st century is the era for Asia

In recent years, small and mid-sized leading firms are developing businesses in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, which has garnered increased allure as a market with high market potential and view these parts of Asia no longer as only a manufacturing center with cheap wages. However, some businesses are not seeing the expected results of their investment, due to the various differences in culture and custom and in the legal, tax, and accounting regulations of each country.

YCG has a presence in Singapore, which is generally considered the operations center of Southeast Asia, and we provide support before and after your office opening in Eastern and Southeastern Asia.

Support structure
  • Singapore office
    We support business developments in Southeastern Asia with a focus on Singapore.
  • Chinese business department
    We support business developments in China mainland, business improvement after office opening, through business closing.
Our local alliance
  • Shanghai UDC Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
    Local consulting company that also invites businesses to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
    We support real estate leasing and logistics and customs affairs.

We provide full support business development in China until your business is on course

China is an unique market in which the success of your business is determined at the time that your local subsidiary is established

Success or failure of your business in China can mostly be decided by the business scheme of how you enter the Chinese market. Given the stringent currency measures, strictly managed customs, complex taxation, and so forth, we have regrettably met many business owners who gripe that it was not supposed to be like this, after establishing their business. Many of these woes are problems that could have been resolved by how the articles of incorporation and various rules are set at the time of entering the market, and these problems are very difficult to resolve afterwards. When entering the Chinese market, it is critical that there is a more careful planning of the office with all risks considered than one would for other countries.

At YCG, we provide full support to our clients who develop business in China, with support primarily from consultant with considerable business expertise on China. In addition, we support business improvement and removal for clients with a presence in China.