3. M&A consulting

Realize M&A with high satisfaction level from concerned parties

What is M&A

Abbreviation of mergers and acquisitions.
Main methods of M&A are joint venture, stock transfer, business transfer, and spin off.

Utility of M&A

We have seen the concerns of many management personnel in carrying out our advisory work. Among them, common concerns were that the successor is not known when the business owner is of old age, it is difficult to run the business on our own because of problematic cashflow, and we want to select a business and focus on it.

Our M&A advisory

Various regulations on laws, finance, and tax that concern M&A are reviewed almost every year, and regulations are becoming more complex. As a result, to perform a M&A, a financial advisor (FA) which is an independent specialist must be utilized. As an advisory firm, our objective is not to complete the M&A, rather we wish to provide financial advisory services that is agreeable to the concerned parties. Depending on your company’s concerns, we can assist throughout the process from whether to do a M&A to the consolidation work after performing a M&A.

Our M&A advisory services workflow

To provide services that will satisfy concerned parties, we firstly thoroughly discuss the matter with your firm, and understand your company’s situation and needs.
Our M&A advisory services are moved forward generally according to the flow below; however, we organize our system flexibly in response to your company’s needs and situation.

Strengths of our M&A advisory services

M&A advisory service is a service in which we perform negotiation support and overall management of M&A as an agent of your company which is considering an M&A.

- Business results: Business handover is common, business reorganization advisory service results

We provide business handover advisory services in addition to M&A services. We utilize our knowledge on business handover advisory services to suggest not M&A but a handover method that meets your company’s wishes, which may include handover to family members and non-family members including directors and employees.
Furthermore, we have provided business reorganization advisory services for many years. We utilize our experience in business reorganization advisory services to rebuild a business with added value even when it is difficult for the company to be inherited due to deterioration in profitability and financial conditions, and we realize business handover that meets the wishes of your company.

- Specialist knowledge: Expertise on law, finance, and tax and practical experience

When we perform a M&A, we provide expert advice from an objective third party standpoint; for example, is the negotiation process transparent and fair, are negotiations moving forward at more beneficial terms and conditions for your company, and is the inhouse decision-making process reasonable. When high level of expertise and practical experience are sought, inhouse certified public accountant, license tax accountant, and lawyers of the company are involved to provide more viable advisory services.

- Information network: trusted network with law and accounting firms, banks, and blue chip corporations

We are an independent advisory services firm and we have built a strong and trusted relationship with various businesses, banks, and law and accounting firms, over the years. When we provide M&A advisory services to your firm, we take advantage of not only our company’s and our group company’s information but information that we hold in abundance, which are provided by these concerned parties to find and develop the best counterpart for your company.