7. Human resources consulting

Re-structuring the human resource system

Supplementing the main system

Human resource system is a subsystem to realize the management’s mission and management’s plans. We provide support to build a human resources system as a main system that functions to support your profitability management system by segment.

Resolve mismatches in performance and compensation

As downside of the traditional age-based wages system, we often see that wages of older employees with decreased performance are high, and wages of younger employees who are in their best working years are low. By a revision to the evaluation system, we can build a system that realizes compensation that meets performance.

Hires adjustment

Hires adjustment that produces no departures

Hires adjustment is not only release of employees. We provide support in terms of planning and running plans to control personnel cost while retaining the employees.

Reduction in personnel

We hear from businesses that labor cost is rising due to drops in sales and that deterioration in the management landscape has reduced work volume and there is now redundancy in human resource. These are what is often heard at companies with sluggish business performance. Even if hires adjustment is made without incurring departures, if the required cut in expenses cannot be reached, we will support how to reduce employees to compress human resource cost while keeping labor force risk to a minimum.