6. Medical & healthcare institute consulting

One-stop support services for all management problems

Environmental factors of medical & healthcare institute business management

The environment for medical & healthcare institute business management continues to be in difficult times for various factors. The future of existing businesses are uncertain due to reforms in the social security system and regular amendments to medical fee and nursing care fee regulations and various related laws and regulations, and medical business management now need continuous management reform and management improvement. Furthermore, at the same time, we see problems at medical businesses including buildings becoming old and risky and management level staff becoming too old and needing handling by the medical business management.

Menu of one-stop services

Various management issues often inter-relate and affect one another, and often one person’s response does not yield satisfactory improvement. In addition, problem solution know-how’s are not stored at the medical business. There is a reality that work is normally busy and the business is short staffed. YCG provides one-stop services for all types of management issues at medical businesses (individual analysis of financial and received data and all types of forms and expense data to draft revenue improvement plans, area marketing, KPI (critical management indicator) establishment and devising action plans, devising new business plans such as caregiving business and renovation to hospital wards, medical business handover, and specific medical business topics such as how to respond to regulatory changes).

We provide feasible solutions based on our specific industry expertise

Features of our advisory services approach

Features of YCG’s advisory services for medical business are based on our expertise on know-how’s and basic understanding of business in the medical and healthcare industries, in addition to all types of expertise covering consulting know-how’s on business reorganization and expertise on tax, law, and accounting.

YCG provides highly viable solutions through allying with independent firms that provide medical and healthcare related services and our own staffs who are trained in the medical industry.

Furthermore, YCG mediates as communication facilitator between client and stakeholder on business contents that are difficult for the stakeholder to comprehend due to its specialized nature.