Our Services

1. Sustained growth consulting

We provide support to realize sustained corporate growth (higher revenue generation) through understanding management issues within a company from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives of a third party, drafting optimal improvement action for issues, and run these improvement projects.

2. Business revitalization consulting

We provide support for business rehabilitation and cashflow realization through finding issues and hardship factors by all types of analysis, drafting highly viable and real improvement action for issues, and devise and run management improvement plans and rehabilitation plans. In addition, we provide support for regular reporting to banks.

3. M&A consulting

We strive to realize a M&A that is satisfactory to the client through M&A advisory operations based on our wealth of consulting knowledge and know-how, which covers not only business matching operations using our own network but this covers areas including tax planning before sale, consolidation work after acquisition, and rehabilitation processes.

4. Business succession consulting

We provide and implement the best solution from both a human resource handover and materials handover perspective upon clarifying issues of management, finance, taxation, and law when business is handed over to the next generation.

5.  Business overseas consulting

We help to meet all types of corporate need for global expansion, which covers devising group’s consolidated business plan including overseas subsidiaries, finding management issues of overseas subsidiaries and drafting improvement plans, financial and business due diligence, and global expansion support.

6. Medical & healthcare institute consulting

We broadly support issues that are unique to medical institutions, which cover analysis of received data and all types of cost, drafting of action plans to improve income, area marketing, setting up KPI (critical management indicators), devising action plans, devising new business plans, medical business handover, and devising caretaker facilities and other facilities.

7. Human resources consulting

We support problem-solving that concerns people, which spans from devising human resource regulations (eg wages regulation, evaluation regulation) to raise employee motivation and more proper evaluation of employees to hire adjustments for the purpose to reduce human resource cost.

8. Group company reorganization and resolution of other problems

Our support covers implementation of management support after reorganization, financial and business due diligence, investment decision and consideration support, and asset procurement support, which is from devising to implementing the best reorganization scheme.