Privacy policy and copyrights

Privacy policy

We recognize the importance of personal information and have thus implemented the following.

  1. Personal information is controlled by a manager who is appointed to control personal information.
  2. Personal information is controlled and never supplied or disclosed to any third parties.
  3. Laws and ministerial ordinances and norms concerning personal information are adhered to, and we will continue to review and better our handling of personal information described herein.


  1. Yamada Consulting Group holds the copyrights to this website.
  2. You may not use information that is contained on, that is, usage that exceeds citation and duplication for personal use, without the permission of Yamada Consulting Group. In addition, when information on this site is authored by a party that is other than Yamada Consulting Group, such information may not be used without the permission of both Yamada Consulting Group and author of the information.
  3. Any changes or deletion to data is modification, and the permission of the copyright holder is needed.
Example of management matters

Example of management matters of clients is resolved by our 8 services.