Company overview

Yamada Consulting Group Co., Ltd.

Established July 2000
Board representatives Chairman, Junichiro Yamada (Accountant and Licensed Tax Accountant)
President, Keisaku Masuda (Licensed Tax Accountant and Judicial Scrivener)
Capital 100 million Yen
Shareholder YAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
(JASDAQ listing 4792)
Businesses ■Management consulting
・Business Growth Starategy
・Restructuring/Industry Specific Management Improvement
・Business Succession
・Human Resource Management
・Financial Restructuring/Voluntary & Legal Liquidation
・Financial & Business Due Diligence
・Valuation of Corporate Value/Intangible Assets/Share Subscription Right
・Stock-Based Compensation
・Overseas Business

■Real Estate Consulting
・Comprehensive Property Management
・Real Estate Brokerage & Competition Implementation
・Property Advisory (Property Investment & Development)
・Property Rental Management & Brokerage
・Leasehold & Land with Leasehold Interest
・Inheritance Tax Payment in Kind

■Education and Training Business
・Problem Solving Education Program
・Capacity Building in Sales Skill & Human Resource Development
・Life Planning Training
・FP & DC Education and Training
・Video Content Production